5th August 2022

Holiday Inn, New Delhi

3rd India Logistics
Strategy Retreat

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About India Logistics Strategy Retreat

The continuing series of disruptions has affected Logistics particularly hard. We do not have complete clarity on the way forward. The known unknowns, such as the pace of the recovery, will become clearer over time. The unknown unknowns are a challenge. Indian companies should assess the potential problems and act now to mitigate them.

The ISCM’s India Logistics Strategy Retreat is the only power meet of the who is who of logistics and Supply Chain in India to discuss the emerging supply chain ecosystem and how to redefine strategy in terms of Planning, Collaboration, People, Technology, and Sustainability

The Retreat will follow an innovative format where two leaders facilitate the discussions for each theme, and all present will join in.

Key Theme

Key note: Reliability in the Indian Logistics Ecosystem
Evolutionary Stage of Indian Logistics. How far have we come? How do we see the Indian logistics industry growing in 2022?
Pain points of the logistics Industry. Reasons of High Costs in Logistics. Steps to reduce logistics cost on the macro and micro level.
Interferences of Middlemen in the logistics and supply chain ecosystem Formalization of the logistics industry
Logistics technology in 2022: Technology adaptation and digital acceleration in logistics.
Omnichannel logistics: Going the extra mile to create an unparalleled experience for customers by leveraging logistics capability.
Multimodal Logistics: Lowering Costs and diversication of logistics risks
Logistics as a Service: 3PL players and the need for end to end integration.
Logistics Control: Containerization and Project Dragon Boat.
Decarbonizing Logistics: Is Net Zero Enough or do we need to go beyond?
People Issues in Logistics Management
Geography, Governance and Geopolitics in Logistics.
Logistics Security
India Logistics Policy Outlook: When will we reach the logistics cost benchmark of 10%.
Global Logistics Outlook: What does the future hold?

Participating Practice Leaders

Dr. Rakesh Singh



Anoop Chauhan

CEO – Contract Logistics, Sub-Continent

DP World

Arif Siddiqui

Founder & CEO

Coign Consulting

Umesh Madhyan

Vice President – Logistics

Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd

Sanjay Kumar Awasthi

Vice President Supply Chain


Attendee Profile

Who Will Attend?

The India Logistics Strategy Retreat is a by invitation only gathering of the top 50 logistics and supply chain leaders with global trade or logistics portfolio, CSCOs and CLOs from user companies, CXOs from 3PLs, 4PLs and Senior Government Officials.

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